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My beautiful home, London.
Jonjo Borrill All Rights Reserved 2014.
London is full of beautiful cars.
Jonjo Borrill All Rights Reserved 2014.

for all the love people, I’m posting 4 or 5 images of new work in about 6 hours.

I’ve had a hectic few weeks starting work at the advertising agency 18 Feet & Rising, and moving to London so I’ve not been posting in a while.Here is the view from my balcony at my new flat.Jonjo Borrill All Rights Reserved 2014.
So people are reblogging this again.jonjoborrill:

Old FashionedIf you’ve never drank this…you really,really should.
Blue skies & Blackpool.
The flooded fields of England.
Agatha Christie’s garden.
Agatha Christie’s Boat House.
Agatha Christie’s holiday home.
A window at Greenway.
Julius Drewe, the man who built the last castle in England. Photograph taken in his bedroom at Castle Drogo.
London Paddington.
Jonjo Borrill//
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